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Rent the amazing classic mirror ball

24 EUR

Rent our LED spot. Is good for uplight on walls. Can fade between colors.

10 EUR
24 EUR

Rent the famous Chamsys PC Wing. It gives you full control over your event lights. Connect - Patch - Program - Control -> Easy steps to enjoy your lightshow.

71 EUR

Projector on 3300 ANSI lumens.

124 EUR

Miete einen professionellen Hazer von Smoke Factory.

45 EUR

Leih dir einen Infinitycube D12. Mit knapp 750 LEDs, 12 halb-verspiegelten Acrylscheiben und stabilen Aluprofilen erzeugt er ein kleines, portables Paralleluniversum.

46 EUR

Rent a LED pin spot for your party. It has a narrow beam that is perfect for mirror balls.

12 EUR

LED rechargeable lights are a kind of revolution for the events industry. They can be set up in minutes. In single color mode, they will illuminate your event for up to 24 hours without needing to be charged. The touch-sensitive display lets you easily select your preferred color mode. The lamps allow 6 individual RGBWA UV colors. Yes, you read it right. UV is also possible with this lamp model. If you want it to be more professional, you can even connect the light to a lighting console via DMX or wireless DMX. Then you have full control over colour, intensity and strobe.

19 EUR
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