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Rent DJ gear from us. We guarantee the best quality and only pro gear.

Vinyl DJ setup for the DJ who prefers Allen & Heath mixers 2 x Technics 1210 & 1 x A&H XONE:92

101 EUR

An absolute must for any pro DJ.

36 EUR

Rent a DJ table that fits our CDJ-2000 setups


The ever popular CDJ-2000 Nexus player from Pioneer. The industry standard around the world when it comes to digital DJ decks. It is preferred by DJ's playing CD's and with USB stick. Also supports playing from Rekordbox. We offer the best rental price guaranteed.

54 EUR

The new standard in DJ media players from Pioneer is this CDJ-2000 Nexus 2. Play from USB, CD or from your phone or computer via Rekordbox.

65 EUR

Rent the best turntable ever made. For DJ's that play vinyl or Serato this is the right choice.

27 EUR

The brand new mixer from Pioneer. Lots of new features and the usability we all know and love. This is the absolute cutting edge of digital DJ mixers.

71 EUR

Rent the very popular analog Xone:92.

54 EUR

Rent the new club standard analog mixer XONE:96.

71 EUR

Rent UREI 1603 Mixer

54 EUR
All prices are shown including VAT.
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