Beamer EPSON LCD 3300 ANSI lumens

124 EUR

Rent Projector

Projector on 3300 ANSI lumens.


  • Brand: EPSON

  • Model: WXGA 1280x800

  • 3300 lumens

  • Can be used for hanging a portable projector with WXGA + + Resolution, 3LCD technology for excellent image quality and user-friendly tools

  • Experience movies or photos in brilliant image quality on a big screen or the razor sharp presentations thanks to high contrast ratio of 15,000: 1, 3,300 Lumen for the same high colour and white brightness (clo = Color Light Output) 1x HDMI, Composite, VGA, S-Video, USB 2.0 Type A, USB 2.0 Type B, RCA audio input,

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1x Beamer EPSON LCD 3300 ANSI lumens
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